This is a reel showcasing proficiency in different areas of motion graphics, including Adobe After Effects, traditional hand-drawn animation, 3D animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, lip syncing, and video editing.

    As an intern at Burning Stick Creative, I was given the opportunity to research Augmented Reality and its potential in digital marketing, specifically in conjunction with a business card.  Through my research, I learned many avenues to achieve effective Augmented Reality experiences, in this case by using Lens Studio by Snapchat. Along with this research, I was prompted to conceptualize and execute an effective design that showcased the capabilities of Burning Stick Creative - web development, videography, and social media - while staying on brand.
    After going this initial process, I began modeling and animating 3D geometry in Maya and Cinema 4D, going through multiple rounds of adjustments and revisions. Meanwhile, I created traditional motion graphics in After Effects to be paired with each segment. The final motion design was then brought into Lens Studio and assembled, along with materials designed in Substance Painter. The final product fits within the mobile app’s specifications and runs effectively. With the completion of this project, more ambitious Augmented Reality experiences will be offered, such as for products, events, and museums.

Also included are GIFs - used for each icon’s screen - which had to adhere to the same style and themes as the 3D elements.

Multiple ideas and concepts were tested during the production of this experience, eventually land upon a design that emphasized the brand’s high energy and dynamism. Here are examples of previous motions which led to the final look.

Along with animated models and GIFs, 3D typography was created to tie to all of the assets together. Like before, multiple versions were built to ensure effectiveness and compatibility. For instance, the typography to the left could not be imported into Lens Studio due to scale keyframes having a value of zero. Thus, an optimized version with similar motion was created, seen below. The final typography also makes use of an occluder, which allows any geometry under the black plane to become hidden without rendering the plane itself.

    Continuing into the realm of mixed reality, I created a virtual tour for a large hospital in preparations for a large renovation. Using architectural renderings provided by the client and custom assets I made, I assembled a navigable tour using 3D Vista Virtual Tour Pro. One can navigate from room to room and get a realistic sense for what the hospital will look like. The tour was then loaded onto multiple Oculus Go's to be exhibited during the renovation's reveal.

This is a recorded walk-through of the the tour. You can view this tour, either through a browser, smartphone, or VR headset by clicking here.

    Along with this branded work, I have been making Virtual Reality videos as works of art that places the viewer in a lonely landscape for them to explore.
        Continuing this research into augmented reality, I found that Instagram was a meaningful platform that can promote both motion designs and brands. This can include augmented reality experiences created using Spark AR Studio as well as custom-made animated GIFs that are uploaded to GIPHY and available to use on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. The following are projects published by Burning Stick Creative for general use.
This is a brand effect designed for Burning Stick Creative and makes use of a randomizer as well as 2D and 3D assets.
This effect is available at: BSC Brand Game
This Christmas effect uses face tracking along with a vector design I created to allow the user to get in the festive spirit. I made an alternate Cajun version as a bonus.
These effects are available at: Cajun Santa and Regular Santa

This New Year's themed effect uses 3D geometry and a particle system for an emphatic way to bring in 2020.
This effect is available at: 2020 Vision
This effect uses the patch editor within Spark AR Studio to assign the user a random picture. In this case, I targeted my fellow Louisianans with their favorite foods.
This effect is available at: Louisiana Kitchen
Turkey stickers for Thanksgiving, available for users to add to their Instagram stories.
A handful of Christmas stickers that can be used to decorate trees or selfies.
    Starting with a static design created by a graphic designer, I animated a package of advertisements tailored for Instagram stories. I brought motion to these designs with After Effects' toolbox of motion tools, from trim paths to text animators and more. As these were created for a local orthodontic client with an established brand-look, it was important to have the motion reinforce this aesthetic and highlight's the client's services.
I also created an interactive animated HTML banner ad for this client, available here.
(Be sure to disable any adblockers to view)
   After communicating with and identifying the client’s core offerings and needs, I drafted multiple layouts in Adobe XD, always keeping their visual identity at the forefront. With a viable design chosen, I built out this website using Webflow along with custom CSS and JavaScript as needed. Within this framework, I implemented the client’s membership portal for seamless navigation. I also used my background in motion design to create animated JSON icons in After Effects and Lottie to further bring this design to life. I further ensured the design and functionality worked across different devices. After a relatively short development and revision period, the website was made live. From here, the client was able to begin enrolling new members online as they were getting established and while we developed a full website for them.
    One of my responsibilities as a Motion Graphics Animator is to take preexisting and newly-made brand assets and bring them to life, using them in video content and websites, among other client needs. Along with basic graphics packages, which include animated logos and lower thirds, I also create video-specific graphics ranging from simple intros and outros, to more complex shots using motion tracking.
    Along with creating animated videos and graphics overlays, I create animated icons for use on websites. These icons are animated vector files in JSON format that can be positioned, scaled, and interacted with on a webpage, always at the highest quality. These icons are created in After Effects and rendered into JSONs using the Bodymovin plugin and uploaded to LottieFiles, where the web developer can then add it to the website.

The above icons are used on Burning Stick Creative's website to represent services (Photography, SEO, and Web Development) and to liven up the webpage.

These icons are used by a chemical company to represent each of their services and products.
These icons bring spice to an online crawfish ordering website.

This video shows how these icons bring a webpage to life.

    The following are animated email signatures that will be used by a client's employees when conducting official correspondence. Using previously designed brand assets and motifs, I completed multiple motion designs both to have a variety to choose from as well as to play with the multiple opportunities the branding allowed for. This process included assembling and making assets in Illustrator, then importing these into After Effects and animating. One challenge associated with email signatures is that they must be compositionally compelling as a still image, as certain email applications and devices cannot automatically play GIFs. Thus, the layout had to be well executed as well as lending itself to effective animation.
        I am now currently a full time member at Burning Stick Creative, and one of my first tasks was to bring motion to our company's own email signatures.
    The following are animated shorts outside of my work in advertising. These range in media, including 2D and 3D animation, and include short funny videos, Instagram motion graphics challenges, and my Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis.

Westward Wanderer, BFA Thesis Film, 05:40, 2019

This is a series of personal work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences of social distancing.

The above are motion graphics challenges sponsored by Monday's Challenge on Instagram.

Date Night, Digital Animation, 00:38, 2017

    The following are event posters created for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Wind Ensemble. As the Poster Artist, I was responsible for creating eye-catching designs that both reflect the mood of the event as well entice students, music professionals, and the general public to attend. I often had only a few words or ideas to base each poster off of while also being constrained by the number of revisions I could have. By distributing the posters through both traditional physical placement and social media, the Wind Ensemble has been able to attract large, eager crowds to its events, maintaining its image as a premiere collegiate ensemble.
    These posters represent freelance and personal work completed for a multitude of organizations and clients. Included is a traditional poster advertising the newly-formed Animation Station at the University of Louisiana, an engagement party invitation, and a graduation invitation.
    This is a series of logo and branding concepts created for a potential rebranding of a marine contractors, Allison. Among the limitations were the usage of the original color scheme as well as the need to visually convey the construction they complete in the Gulf of Mexico. This was accomplished the use of industrial fonts, a horizon motif, and the use of color to represent the sky and the sun.
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